W H I S P E R I N G ;

hear the ghosts in the moonlight
sorrow doing a new dance
through their bones
through their skin

R A C H E L  B E R R Y ★ ;

( Est. June 15, 2011! )

they tell of spring returning
summer with another wind that no one yet has known

Rachel grabbed her car keys and closed her door, looking it behind her. She hurried into her car and started driving to Kurt’s house. She knew that he couldn’t be okay after the argument. She got there within a few minutes and knocked on his door as loudly as she could. “Kurtsie, it’s Rachel,” she called, waiting for his answer. She didn’t know if Blaine had come back yet, but she still wanted to talk to Kurt.

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    ”That’s good,” she said, “you’re welcome, Kurtsie. Even though you didn’t want me to come. I’m glad that I did though....
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    "Probably… I feel a little better." he said with a shrug. He still felt a little bad. But it was really nice to have a...